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I have an obsession with making projects, mostly spawned because the same products on Etsy would have taken too long to be made and arrive in my mailbox! Hence, the imagination and determination to make it in less time!

Knowing that Valentine’s Day was at our heels I started in January just wanting a breakfast set or sets. Made with felt, I cut mostly freehand circles and squiggly shapes of shades of brown, red, and ivory and a pinch of yellow. Soon I had enough pancakes and syrup. Just two items was meh, I wanted a big man’s breakfast! Natalie is a big fan of bacon, so I made squiggly shapes for bacon. Sunny Side eggs seemed liked a must-have novelty. Strawberries and blueberries make their punctuated appearance on the menu as well.

I finished that breakfast project in early February and then I fidgeted for something else to do. Tea! Tea? Yes, breakfast is not complete without coffee or tea. So teabags it was, and I deconstructed an actual tea bag, and built a tea bag complete with a ‘gold staple’ string and tab. Well then we might need something to put all our wonderful breakfast items! Hmmm. Placemats, I had some remnants of blue gingham, pink felt for flag pendants and pom pom trim, all jst in time for Valentine’s Day on a Sunday.

The best part is seeing my little’s imagination unfurl and enjoy each other’s company, so for now I relish in the moment and document yet another entry in the Sunday Parade Series.

Thankful for all the lovely people in our lives, we hope that you had a great Valentine’s day with family or friends 🙂

Suit: Janie & Jack’s herringbone suit

Bowtie: Janie & Jack red with navy polka dots

Dress: Ralph Lauren red corduroy




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In all the flurry of excitement and necessary chaos, I have not made an entry to the Sunday Parade Series. To be quite honest I want my little wonderments to get as much use out of the clothes I’ve carefully selected, it seems like a full-time job. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a personal-shopper in our lives? So pardon me if some of the articles of clothing may be repeats from time to time.

I’m really enjoying the interaction these two are showing. AJ is sitting more and more on his own, and Natalie’s vocabulary and empathy are starting to develop more and more. Natalie still proves to be the fireball and exhibits, as my husband refers to her ‘leadership’ characteristics.


AJ:  wearing all Oshkosh and a Janie & Jack bowtie. I love suspenders!

Natalie: wearing vintage patent boots, and a Blu Pony Vintage Dress



DSC_7518 copypintopinterestDSC_7504pintopinterestDSC_7467pintopinterestDSC_7444pintopinterestDSC_7439pintopinterestDSC_7414pintopinterest


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I know it would be remiss not to post a few pictures from this holiday past! Can you believe Christmas is already around the corner?! This Thanksgiving was nice, as we spent it at my mother’s house, and all the fixings were exquisite, baked smoked and fried turkeys were all very tasty, and my favorite dish of all time is dressing with cranberry! We were lucky not to host this year, and I will advise all new parents and parents with small children! Don’t host, sit back and rent the hosting woes out! just kidding, more power to you if you can juggle children, turkeys, silverware in the kitchen.

So in between trying to figure out how I can translate the look I want in my house, (I might post a few pictures if I’m not to ashamed of the shabby house decorating) I caught a few after thanksgiving photos of the kiddos. To commemorate please enjoy the quick snaps!

Top: Vierra Rose’s Nico Bulldog Tee (because next to Mickey & Minnie, she loves dogs 2nd), can be found here

Skirt: Billieblush, navy blue sequin tulle skirt can be found here

Turkey Outfit: This was my husband’s idea, we had sought one out for Natalie when she was a baby but they were not available, well lucky AJ got to be our turkey this year! The outfit if you might want one later can be found on Amazon here.

DSC_5782-2pintopinterestDSC_5800pintopinterestDSC_5789pintopinterestDSC_5784pintopinterestDSC_5771pintopinterestLast but not least, next week’s preview, it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!


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Houston’s weather dipped into the 40’s on Sunday – Hello fall weather! This should help get me into the Holiday mood, and if it doesn’t then I am still thankful for the things and people in my life. I am thankful that my husband is back home from a two-week business trip in Asia, and that my parents were able to spend a few days with us while he was gone. I am thankful that I have been blessed with two little wonderments, they’ve brought so much joy to our lives.

Recently AJ started teething and was quite uncomfortable this weekend, teething doesn’t only cause drool! So we skipped his outfitting this Sunday, hopefully he’ll be feeling like his ‘ol’ self again next Sunday.

Dress: Nellystella Clover Dress in Denim, love the shirred gathering about 3/4 of the sleeves and of course the elaborate vibrant embroidery, it could be found here

Shoes: light pink from Pepe, I love these shoes because they appear to be vintage, and they can be found here

Headband: I made her headband by hand, and it appears to complement her outfit quite nicely

Hope you enjoy the photos – the last photo isn’t as good as the rest, but I loved the expression on her face!

As a bonus, I’ve added a small video clip of big sister dancing for her baby brother, please enjoy here, and click on HD to view full resolution video



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As I sit snuggly next to my 2-year old and the sound of keystrokes meshed with the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof, I am bringing yet another post of our ordinary lives. I’m thankful for the little peak of fall weather on Saturday, and so we wait fall’s arrival yet so more.

This past Sunday we joined a friend of mine’s baby dedication, that meant we visited her church. I am glad that Natalie was still able to enjoy Sunday School albeit in a different church. Then after a nap we ventured outside to play with the animals she adores. These are dysfunctional vinyl animals, yet we are fond of them because each of them are unique with hues of blue and pink and a hint of sparkle, that I’ve added. I may add a post on a tutorial on these fun animals if my readers are interested!

For the little miss:

Dress: Natalie’s dress was ordered through Instagram! I love instagram, its a live pinterest feed of ideas and marketplace. High collar tulle dress in gold can be found here

Shoes: Pepe is a staple in every child’s closet. I love these ballerina pink shoes ordered through Mercredi in Belgium

For the man cub:

Shirt: Janie & Jack  bodysuit oxford shirt

Pants: Linen Janie & Jack in navy blue

Shoes: Oxford Crib Janie & Jack shoes can be found here

Bowtie: Janie and Jack with bulldog. It can be found here


Enjoy the photos and have a blessed week everyone!

Sunday Paradepintopinterest

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