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This past Sunday was exhausting. Getting two kiddies dressed and out the door, and calm till we can finish lunch and come home to unwind and nap is no easy feat! Then throw¬†a traveling spouse into the mix and things can get a little hairy ūüôā

So after a temper tantrum because of a short nap, we decided to take her little wagon out. When she was younger we used to push her around in it, but now she is big enough to push her little brother in.

I am so thankful to have these two in our lives. I’m lucky to be called their ‘mama’

Dress: Billieblush Cat Knit Navy Dress, leopard velour cat face. Very cute and comfy dress can be found here

Girls Shoes: Pepe Shoes from Flora and Henri. Soft leather shoes. Love love these, and they can be found here

Boys Shoes: Janie & Jack Oxford Crib Shoe in Bear Brown color can be found here


Have a great until next Sunday!



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Well due to a couple of rainy days, coffee spill,¬†and moody tantrums¬†(living with a 2 year old is an awesome roller coaster),¬†I’ve missed the last two Sundays. I hope that the rainy weather is a harbinger of fall weather. I’m wishfully hoping for that!

This past Sunday’s ensemble is from Tocoto Vintage and Janie & Jack.

Dress: Tocoto Vintage Tulle Star Party Dress can be found here or here  It is lovely cotton dress with an overly of ultra soft tulle

Hat: Felt Wool Bow Pillbox hat with Tulle from Giovannio can be found here

Coat: Janie & Jack Swing coat in a buttercup color can be found here The size is generous you may want to order a size down.

Shoes: Janie & Jack Cap Toe Ballet Flats in a buttercup color can be found here. The leather is beautiful and soft.

TVJJ1pintopinterestTVJJ_01pintopinterestTVJJ_03pintopinterestTVJJ_02pintopinterestTVJJ_04pintopinterestTVJJ_05pintopinterestUntil next Sunday, have a great week!



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Well hello again, it’s time to recap the second in a series, of Sunday Parade! I discovered Billieblush a couple of months ago, and I fell in love. I love both their dark and vibrant colors and I think it makes a wonderful contrast to any accessory your baby wears. This look we went for is a bit traditional and looks adorably¬†school-girlish. My baby is growing way too fast and my heart wrenches!

Sweater: Billieblush in navy blue glitter lurex fabric and pink insets in pockets and down the middle front. It has a sequined patterned bow atop the left shoulder. The sweater can be found here

Skirt: I love the way the skirt poufs out! In person it is a bright neon coral color and the tulle is soft! The skirt can be found here

Shoes: Joyfolie has adorable shoe designs, these have lasted awhile and seem comfortable. The ones she is wearing are named ‘Cecily’ and the style I believe is from 2014, so we’ve had them around for awhile. One or two size are still available here:

Headband: I love the colors these bows from MimiLittleBowtique ¬†come and they’re stretchy and comfy! I found them on Etsy here

I couldn’t get a good shot of my baby boy, AJ – however, he does look stylish when he’s fed and happy! I tease my husband at how mundane boy clothing can be but somehow I always make do!

Shirt: Children’s Place blue striped oxford shirt – loved rolling the sleeves. I think our children will inherit the dislike of having sleeves down to our wrists. Nattybugs does the same thing

Pants: Linen Janie & Jack in navy blue

Shoes: Leatherette Janie & Jack shoes

Bowtie: Janie and Jack in plaid. It can be found here




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I love to shop for my children, and I thought I wanted to create a mood board, but not like the typical ones you can find on Pinterest. So I thought I’d give it my own spin.

Natalie is a size 2T in clothes, and size 22EU/5UK/6US in shoes. Like most busy mothers, I’d rely on the quick get-away to the store, but that is a premium these days. Much to my delight and husband’s dismay, there is online shopping.

Of course I wait to things hit the clearance rack! ‘wink’

Dress: Nellystella’s Alexa dress in denim blue. It is considered a summer dress, but still makes sense to wear in Houston’s Fall season. The dress can be found here

Shoes: Pepe for Flora & Henri. lovely and practical patent leather shoes made in Italy. Shop for them here.


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